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AquaArc Modular Plant Climbing Columns

AquaArc Modular Plant Climbing Columns

Elevate your plants effortlessly with our durable and versatile plastic climbing moss pole for healthier growth and stunning aesthetics.

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Product information:

🌿Introducing AquaArc Modular Plant Climbing Columns:

  • Material: Crafted with durable non-woven fabric
  • Characteristics: Demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance
  • Usage Form: Designed as floor-standing columns
  • Application Scenario: Ideal for home gardening enthusiasts
  • Color Options: Available in various sizes and colors:
    • Half round water moss wall frosted transparent (small and large sizes)
    • Half round water moss wall white (small and large sizes)
    • Half round water moss wall black (small and large sizes)

Create a stunning green oasis effortlessly with our AquaArc Modular Plant Climbing Columns, combining durability, style, and versatility for your indoor gardening needs.


Packing list:

Placement climbing column * 1/2pcs


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"This moss pole made a world of difference for my plants! Sturdy, easy to use, and it gave my climbing beauties the perfect support they needed to flourish."

M*** J. -Verified Buyer

  • Versatile

  • Non-Toxic

  • Durable

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Happy Plants

Healthy Growth

🌱Supports Healthy Growth: Our climbing moss pole provides optimal support, encouraging upward growth and allowing plants to thrive with enhanced access to light and air.


Easy to Use

🌿Versatile and Durable: This moss pole adapts effortlessly to various plant types, ensuring long-lasting support for climbers while offering easy customization for any garden setup

Yes, Its...

Maintenance Free

🌎Maintenance Made Easy: Say goodbye to constant adjustments! Our plastic climbing moss pole requires minimal upkeep, granting you more time to enjoy flourishing, beautifully trained plants.

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